Boston Then and Now: The Boston Public Library

This is the first in a series of posts looking at different areas or places in Boston and how they looked in the past to what they look like today. For the past pictures I am using different archives (BPL, Boston City Archive, etc), and for the new versions I am visiting these places and trying to match up with the older pictures. Some match up nice, others are more difficult as there are different obstacles that can get in the way (people, new/bigger trees, cars, new buildings…).


Bates Hall during construction – Sometime between 1890-1895

Bates Hall - Neutral

Bates Hall – 2013



2387556555_f7d0ed9f61_zDartmouth Street Entrance – 1890-1895 – From The Boston Public Library

BPL - Front from left - 2014-06-21 8561_DxO BW2000June 2014



2387545511_5b6474337a_zSaint Gaudens Lions, Grand Staircase During Construction – 1890-1895 – From The Boston Public Library

BPL-Staircase-Lions-2014-06-21-BW copy

June 2014




McKim Building Constrution – 1896 – From The Boston Public Library

BPL -Courtyard - right side - 2014-06-12 9011_2_3BW2000June 2015




The Delivery Room – 1896 – From The Boston Public Library

BPL - Delivery Room - HDR - 2014-06-21 8743_4_5 BW2000June 2014




The Courtyard – Date Unknown – From The Boston Public Library 

14479919865_4b48f72bf9_o (1)

June 2014 


The Courtyard – 1896 – From The Boston Public Library 

BPL - Courtyard - Diagonal- 2014-06-21 8859_DxO BW2000

June 2014