Prepare for Season 6 of HBO’s Game of Thrones: Season 5’s Top 10 Scenes and Character Updates


When watching season 5 through again I was surprised to see just how strong it was. The first 4 scenes in the top 10 list below are amongst the best of the whole series, and are unforgettable for reasons different from the usual (a surprise death).  

Overall, as we head into season 6 the show has almost been reset. The events that transpired at the end of the season have turned almost every plot line in different direction. More happened in the last 3 episodes of season 5 than at any other time in the show.

Top 10 Unforgettable Scenes of Season 5

  1. Stannis burning his daughter at the stake: This is probably the hardest secene to watch in the entire series as Shireen's screams while on fire are just horrible. (YouTube).
  2. The White Walkers and their cliff jumping Wights ( who make up The Army of the Dead) show up at Hardhome: Arguably the most spectacular scene in the series to date has Jon Snow trying to load the Wildlings into boats to escape the the Army of the Dead. (YouTube).
  3. Cersei's walk of shame: Watching Cersei get some of what she deserves in such a degrading way was hard to watch even for her most ardent haters. (YouTube).
  4. Danerys' dragon escape: The Sons of Harpy's attack on the queen of Mereen only failed when her dragon Drogon showed up to protect his mother and breath fire on the would be killers. (YouTube).
  5. Jon Snow's "death": After a season where we learn what a great leader Jon Snow is, of course he is killed… by his own people. (YouTube).
  6. Tyrion and Danerys share some wine and talk about whether she should kill him: The back and forth is great as we learn a little more about each of their motives. (YouTube).
  7. Brienne runs into Sansa and Little Finger at a pub: The ever earnest Brienne is no match for the conniving Little Finger, but she does let Sansa know she has vowed to protect her to Caitlyn Stark before escaping with her life form Little Finger's henchmen. (YouTube).
  8. Jon Snow is elected Lord Commander of the Knight's Watch: Proof that good things happen to good people is one of the few rousing moments in the series. Now back to your regularly scheduled  death and despair. (YouTube).
  9. Tyrion is saved by his Magical Cock: Slave traders want to kill and discard him, but they also want to sell his magical cock. (YouTube).
  10. Arya kills Ser Meryn Trant in a brothel: In case you were wondering… yes, Arya Stark is a psychotic killer. (YouTube).


What Happened To The Main Characters

Cersei Lannister

  • The season starts with a flashback to Cersei as a girl walking through the woods and entering the lair of witch who can see the future. The witch tells Cersei: she will be queen then replaced by a younger queen who will cast her down, she will have 3 children — not from the king, who will all be cast in gold shrouds (will die). 
  • She blames Jamie for their father's death because he freed Tyrion. She is one angry person!
  • After an attack by The Sparrows, Cersei goes to meet the High Sparrow and utters this: "Faith and the Crown are the two pillars that hold up this world. One collapses and so does the other. We must do everything necessary to protect one another." She thinks she's found a new partner.
  • Cersei, after using the High Sparrow to take down two Tyrell's, gets the table turned on her and is placed in prison like the other for her crimes against god. 
  • While in jail, her uncle Kevan Lannister has been summoned from Casterly Rock to serve as Hand of the King and run the council. He will not visit Cersei in prison. 
  • Cersei eventually wears down and confesses to some of her crimes while denying others and asks for mercy from the High Sparrow and he allows her to return to the Red Keep after her "atonement". 
  • For her atonement she is washed and has all her hair cut off. Naked, and with blood dripping down her scalp from the hair cut, the High Sparrow starts her walk back to the Red Keep through the crowded city streets with a nun behind her ringing a bell yelling shame every few feet. The citizens scream at her and throw things at her. The monks protect her on the walk from the crowd attacking her.
  • She makes it back to the castle and is greeted by her Uncle, a few others, and Qyburn. Qyburn takes hold of her and helps her in. Then introduces her to the "the newest member of the King's Guard" who picks her up. It is The Mountain who Qyburn kept alive after the fight with Oberyn, but in a different form with blue skin. He has taken a vow of silence until "all his grace's enemies are dead and evil has been driven from the realm."

Jaime Lannister

  • When Cersei recieves a threat from Dorne, where her daughter is, Jamie recruits Bron to go with him to steal his daughter away. Dorne is not welcoming to the Lannisters after the death of Prince Oberyn.
  • While sailing to Dorne their boat passes Tarth, which brings a smile to Jaime's face. Oh…. Brienne!
  • Right when Jaime and Bron show up to take back his daughter/niece, Ellaria's three dauthers show up to kidnap her and a fight ensues until the Dorne guards show up and it all ends. 
  • Jamie negotiates with the Prince of Dorne, Doran Martell (the borther of Oberyn), so that he can take his niece/daughter, Myrcella, back to King's Landing. The deal ends up being Jaime and Bron can take Myrcella, but the engagement between Myrcella nand Doran's sone Trystane must stand. Trystane must also serve on the council taking the place of his dead uncle Oberyn. Ellaria lashes out at the deal and is warned by Doran to get in line or she will pay with her life. 
  • Jamie, Bron, and Myrcella say their goodbyes and leave Dorn. On their parting Ellaria kisses Myrcella. 
  • On the sail back Myrcella tells Jaime she knows he is her father. Then she dies. Ellaria had put poisin on her lips before she kissed Myrcella goodbye.

Tyrion Lannister

  • Varys smuggled him to a safe haven at a friend's house and he's been asked by Varys to help bring Khaleesi to lead the 7 kingdoms.
  • Cersei put a bounty on Tyrion's head. Literally, she's having people bring her dwarf's heads.
  • Tyrion can't stay hiding out and ends up finding drink and women in a small town. And that's where Jorah Mormont snatches him away
  • Jorah steals a boat and they sail to Mereen. Along the way the run into "Men of Stone" who carry a virus that can turn a man's skin to stone.
  • Jorah and Tryion are captured by slave traders. The traders plan to kill Tyrion and say they need to cut off his cock as it can be sold for its magical powers. The lead trader says, "The Dwarf lives until we find a cock merchant."
  • Tyrion gets sold with Jorah at a slave market and they travel together to fighting pits that eventually lead to them meeting Queen Khaleesi. While in front of Khaleesi, she asks why she shouldn't kill him and he says, "You want revenge against the Lannisters? I killed my mother, Joanna Lannister,  on the day I was born. I killed my father, Tywin Lannister, with a bolt to the heart. I am the greatest Lannister killer of our time." Over some wine he wins her trurst, at least temporarily, and starts advising her. 
  • Tyrion survives the fight in the pit and when Dario Naharis, Jorah and others go to find the queen who flew away on a dragon, he is left to run the city of Mereen with Varys, Gray Worm and Missendei.


  • He has decided to help Khaleesi to rule Westeros and heads to meet her with Tyrion.
  • He does end up in Mereen with Tyrion and they taken on the job of straightening up the city. The old team is back together!

Jon Snow

  • Snow becomes friendly with King Stannis Baratheon. Stannis tries to get him to leave the Night's Watch but Snow won't forsake his vows to the Knight's Watch. 
  • Stannis asks Snow to convince Mance Rayder to bend his knee to the king. Rayder declines and is burned at the stake. Snow shots him with an arrow as he begins to burn to put him out of his misery.
  • Stannis offers Snow the opportunity to be a Stark by the stroke of a pen, but Snow refuses it so he can keep his vow to the Night's Watch.
  • Snow is then elected Lord Commander of the Night's Watch much to the chagrin of many who think he is a wildlings sympathizer. To solidify his leadership he appoints as Alliser Thorne First Ranger. Thorne hates the Wildlings, hates Snow, and this move to co-opt Thorne could come back to hurt Snow.
  • Snow decides he must get the Wildlings to the good side of the wall before the White Walkers' Army of the Dead kills them and turns them into walking dead warriors. To make the happen, Snow borrows Stannis' ships and goes with Tormund to bring the wildings to Castle Black. This is met with great skepticism and some turn on him. 
  • Snow heads to Hardhome with Tormund to bring back as many Wildlings as he can before the walking dead army turns them into dead warriors. As they start loading up the boats to take some of the Wildlings back a storm appears. That storm ends up being the Walking Dead Army led by the White Walkers. Panic sets in as everyone tries to get to the boats. Jon Snow leads a defense to try and by time for the boat loading. We learn a few things during the battle:
    • The Walking Dead Amry is terrifying. 
    • Once someone is killed by a dead walker, they can be brought back to a zombie like state under the control of the White Walkers.
    • It only takes a few White Walkers lead the army. 
    • The Wildline giant is an impressive force and is able to shrug off most of the dead amry's attempts. 
    • The White Walker's are insanely strong and their weapons break almost all other weapons. 
    • Valerian steel is the only thing that works against the White Walker's weapons and it can kill White Walkers, which Jon Snow does.
    • The leader of the White Walkers, who kind of looks like Ron Perlman of "Sons of Anarchy", is terrifying and has the ability to make all his dead soldiers do anything including throwing themselves off a cliff.
    • The Dead Army can't swim, but other than that it looks unstoppable.
  • Jon Snow gets out of Hardhome with thousands of Wildlings and a new view just how difficult the battle against the Walking Dead Army will be.
  • Snow is misled that there's information about his Uncle Benji and is met with the swords of his own men who feel they've been betrayed with the taking in of the Wildlings. Thorne is the first to stab him and says, "For The Watch." Others follow him. The last to stick him is little Olly. Jon Snow is dead.
    • Note: Melisandre is there and she can bring back people from the dead. Will she work her black magic to bring Jon Snow back? Maybe he will know something then.

Samwell Tarley

  • He's Jon Snow's right had at the Wall and is performing research to find out more about the walking dead army. 
  • He continues to protect Gilly and Little Sam, sometimes with the help with Jon Snow's direwolf, Ghost.
  • He asks Jon Snow for permission to become a Myster and it is granted. Sam leaves Castle Black with Gilly and her child. 

Stannis Baratheon

  • He acts like a true king. He tries to bring Jon Snow under his wing, but is not successful. He's shows the traits of a great leader through the first few episodes of the season.
  • Stannis starts marching his army to Winterfell as the weather turns. That does not work out well for him. 
  • Desperate, he starts listening to Melisandre who tells him King's Blood needs to run to ensure his victory in Winterfell. She is talking about sacrificing Stannis' daughter! She's crazy!
  • Stannis sends Davos Seaworth to recruit Jon Snow and others to help with the battle. 
  • In a stunning scene, after Melisandre convinces Stannis and his wife that the only way for Stannis' army to survive the Winter and win the war, Melisandre burns Shireen at the stake in front of the whole army. The sceams of the girl…. it was a very difficult scene to watch.
  • After the burning half his army deserts, Melisandre runs,  and his wife hangs himself. And then he went on to lose the battle of Winterfell and then he is killed by Brienne of Tarth


  • Still working her "magic" with Stannis, she urges him to go after Winterfell.
  • She hits on Jon Snow pretty hard to get him to join Stannis on his trip to Winterfell, but Jon Snow does know something… she's trying to play him! And he rejects her. BUT… Then she drops a "You know nothing Jon Snow" on him. BOOM!
  • She leaves Stannis after half his army deserts. 
  • She returns to Castle Black and delivers news of Stannis' defeat. 

King Tommen Lannister

  • He marries Margaery Tyrell and the war between Margaery and Cersei begins!
  • As The Sparrows start arresting  people, he tries to stand up to them but fails at every turn. 
  • When Cersei gets thrown in jail he locks himself in his room and will not leave. 

Margaery Tyrell

  • After marrying King Tommen she starts playing him to get his mother, Cersei, out of King's Landings.
  • She shows up at her borther Loras's trail with the High Sparrow and ends up incriminating herself and ends up in jail

Peter Baelish – Little Finger

  • After running off Brienne of Tarth's attempt to gain the trust of Sansa Stark, he "escorts" Sansa  to Winterfell.
  • He lays out his plan to Sansa: He thinks Stannis will march on Winterfell and liberate the North from the Bolton and then take the Iron Throne. Stannis would then, after rescuing the daughter of the great Ned Stark from the beast that is Ramsay Bolton, appoints here Wardeness of the North. He also instructs Sansa that in the scenario where Stannis does not liberate Winterfell, then she is to take Ramsay and "make him yours" then out maneuver the rest of the Bolton's to rules the North. 
  • Baelish heads back to King's Landing to meet with Cersei and tells her he will lead the soldiers of The Vale to take over Winter Fell from whoever is victorious in the upcoming Winter Fell battle between the Bolton's and Stannis' army.

Sansa Stark

  • She is now paired up with Baelish traveling back to Winter Fell. There she meets Ramsay Bolton, who Baelish has arranged for her to marry. Sansa has all the luck with men!
  • She went down to the tombs of Winterfell and came across an old aunt (her mom's sister) that was promised to her father, Ned Stark. Baelish then tells her he story of how Rhaegar Targaryen (the now deceased older brother of Danerys) started the big war (Robert's Rebellion) by kidnapping Sansa's aunt, Lyanna Stark, who he raped. Lyanna then died sometime later before the end of the rebellion.
    • MY QUESTION: If Rhaegar raped Lyana  could there have been a baby? If there was a baby, could Lyanna's brother, Ned, have taken that baby under his wing after Lyanna died? Could Jon Snow be the son of Rhaegar Targaryn and then the rightful heir to the Iron Throne?
  • In a nice candle lit wedding ceremony in the snow, Sansa marries Ramsay. The ceremony is followed by Ramsay raping Sansa in front of Theon. 
  • She finds out from Theon that brothers Bran and Rickon are still alive. 
  • Sansa puts a candle in a window of a tower hoping for someone to rescure her as the battle of Winterfell begins with Stannis' army. She watches in horror as Stannis' army is slaughtered then tries to escape on her own but is caught by Myranda and Theon. As Myranda is about to shoot Sansa with an arrow, Theon kills her by throwing her off a wall, then Theon and Sansa jump off a different wall together to escape Winterfell. I'm guessing they land in snow and getaway. 

Arya Stark

  • She finally gets to Bravvos but starting her training with Jaqen H'ghar proves difficult, but she finally does begin.
  • Arya keeps losing at the lying game, but when a sick girl shows up Arya tells her a story about how the water in the well saved her. The girl drinks the well water and dies. Arya thus proved herself capable of telling the big lies and Jagen H'ghar takes into the secret chambers were all the "Faces" are kept. 
  • Arya is given the job of killing a man along the waterfront by Jagen H'ghar. But as she is about to follow through she sees Ser Meryn Trant, the King's Guard that was by the Lannister's to capture Arya, and ended up killing her beloved trainer Syrio Forel. He is on her hate list which she recites like a mantra every night. She steers away from the plan and starts stalking Ser Meryn. 
  • She kills Ser Meryn and when Jagen H'ghar finds this out he tells her she made a mistake, then Arya loses her eye sight. She killed the wrong man and paid the price.

Brienne of Tarth

  • She comes across Sansa Stark at a pub who is with Peter Baelish. She tries to explain to Sansa that she swore to Sansa's mother she would protect Sansa, but Baelish talks Sansa out of believing her and Brienne is makes her way forcefully away before Baelish's men can kill her. 
  • She tracks Sansa to Winterfell and gets word to her to light a candle in the window if she needs help. 
  • She watches Stannis' army get slaughtered by Bolton's and then finds Stannis alone, wounded in the woods after the battle. There, she kills Stannis for his blood magic murder of Renley who she was charged with protection. His last words were "Go on. Do your duty." 

The High Sparrow

  • The leader of The Sparrows is running his group to implement a new order of morality for King's Landing. All in violation of the One God's rules are dealt with harshly. 
  • he brokers a deal with Cersei to being to enforce the laws of the kingdom, and do some of Cersei's dirty work including going after Baelish's businesses.
  • They arrest Loras Tyrell to squeeze his sister, Queen Margaery, and during Loras' inquest put Margaery on the stand where she says she never knew anything about homosexual lifestyle of her bother. There is a witness to the contrary and Margaery is taken tLP
    }>¬o the dungeons while Tommen sits next to his mother doing nothing.
  • He arrests Cersei for reasons to many to enumerate and then releases her through her atonement walk. He is the defacto ruler of King's Landing

Daenerys Targaryen aka Khaleesi

  • She does not know where her big dragon is and the 2 smaller ones are pissed at her for keeping them locked up in a cellar.
  • As Mereen, the city she is ruling and trying to keep sane, falls apart, she has one good thing happen for her, the big Dragon comes back.
  • The golden masked rebels in Mereen (The Sons of Harpy) ambush the Unsullied while they are on patrol, kill many of them, woudn Gray Worm, and kill the fearsome sword figther and Khaleesi confidant Ser Barristan. Very sad to see that wily old bastard go. He was one of the good characters.
  • Khaleesi sits in on the first large scale warrior fights with her entourage (Tyrion, Dario Naharis, Mereen leader Hizdahr, and her elegant assistant Missandei) to find Jorah Mormont fighting and winning the battle. 
  • As Jorah wins, all hell breaks loose as the Sons of Harpy show up everywhere and go after the queen. Tyrion saves Missandei as Hizdahr dies. Jorah and Dario try to lead Khaleesi out along with Tyrion and Missandei, but are surrounded my 100's of the Sons of Harpy. That's when she calls in her big dragon, Drogon who lays waste to many of the Sons. Khaleesi then climbs on and Drogon flies away to safety. 
  • After landing somewhere near the Dothraki sea, Dorgon lies around recovering from his wounds from the battle, but there is no food for her.  She wanders off on her own to find food and runs into a wild band of Dothraki riders. She drops her ring, likely to leave as a marker in case someone comes looking for her. Hunderds of them surround her. 

Jorah Mormont

  • Jorah, who I guess likes hanging out in brothels since Khaleesi gave him the boot, runs into Tyrion Lannister at a brothel and kidnaps him to bring him to Khaleesi to earn her trust back.
  • While sailing Tyrion to Mereen he gets touched by a Man of Stone and his skin develops a small stone patch
  • When captured by the slave traders he convinces them he can earn his keep as a fighter in the pits in Mereen. They doubt him at first, but he convinces them and they start off to Mereen. 
  • After being sold in a slave market Jorah wins a death match in front of the queen and presents his gift to Khaleesi, Tyrion Lannister. 
  • Under advisement from Tyrion Lannister, Khaleesi, who had promised to kill Jorah if she ever saw him again, instead kicks him out of Mereen. He walks out of the city alone.
  • He finds his way back to Mereen again by fighting in the pits, after winning his battle he comes ot the aid of Khaleesi as the Sons of Harpy come after her. 
  • With Khaleesi escaping by flying off with a dragon, it is up to Jorah and Dario Neharis to track her down and bring her back. They set off to find her. 

Theon Greyjoy

  • Theon is still owned by Ramsey and has to witness the rape of Sansa which is a pretty terrible scene.
  • In the end though, he breaks out of the Reek character, saves Sansa, and escapes Winterfell with her. 

The Boltons

  • They work with Little Finger so that Ramsay marries Sansa. And then they treat her just as bad as you would think.
  • Ramsay effectively uses guerilla warfare against Stannis' army as they approach on Winterfell reducing his strength before the battle. 
  • They overwhelm and destroy Stannis' army and now are in charge of the North. Though, Sansa has escaped which could be a problem for them. 

Ellaria Sand

  • The paramour of the now deceased Prince Oberyn is back in Dorne and is mad with vengeance against the Lannister's for his Oberyn's death. While talking with three of Oberyn's bastard daughters (he has eight, five of which are Elllaria's) she utters, "You don't need an army to start a war," and outlines her plan take Myrcella (Cersei's daughter) and make the Lannister's pay.
  • She plots to kidnap Myrcella but it is foiled. She is the told by Prince Doran Martell if she continues to mettle with the Lannister's she will pay with her life.
  • Despite the warning she kisses Myrcella goodbye with poisin on her lips and Myrcella dies. Will this lead to a Lannister/Martell war? A battle to the death between Cersei and Ellaria could dominate season 6


  • The bastard son of the dead King Robert Baratheon rowed away at the end of season 3 and hasn't been seen since. I wonder he's dressed up as a woman and is actually Ellaria of Dorne.