Boston Then and Now: Copley Square

I've come across quite a few old pictures of Boston in areas where I've taken some pictures. Here's a look at Copley Square in the past compare to how it is now.  THEN: The back of Trinity Church- 1877 – From Boston Public Library NOW: June 2014 The building looks remarkably the same. The biggest changes […]

Boston Then and Now: The Boston Public Library

This is the first in a series of posts looking at different areas or places in Boston and how they looked in the past to what they look like today. For the past pictures I am using different archives (BPL, Boston City Archive, etc), and for the new versions I am visiting these places and […]

How Boston Neighborhoods Got Their Names: King Charles -> Charles River -> Charlestown

Boston as seen from Malone Park in Chelsea (aka Winnisimmeti) in November 2013 The folks over at Mental Floss have a great post on how the neighborhoods and towns around Boston got their names. Here's a couple of examples: Charlestown The area that now houses Charlestown was one of the first established European communities in […]

How Circuses Use to Roll into Boston – Elephants in the Streets!

I was looking at the Boston Public Library's Flickr account and came across some of these old circus pictures. It looks like it used to be quite an event in the city. Here's a selection of some of the pictures.  1928 – Elephants walking into Boston   1930 – Indians riding into Boston for a […]

Boston’s Granary Burying Grounds: The Final Resting Place of Hancock, Revere and… Mother Goose?

Wikipedia outlines a bit of the history of the grounds: The Burying Ground was the third cemetery established in the city of Boston and dates to the year 1660. The need for the site arose because the land set aside for the city's first cemetery, King's Chapel Burying Ground located a block east was insufficient […]

Henry Knox’s Famous 1775 Cannon Trek to Boston Went Through Waltham

I saw a couple of markers when driving through Waltham a few days ago and decided to walk over there today when I stopped at Walgreens. It ends up that this marker is part of series of markers that follow Henry Knox's trail from Fort Ticonderoga to Boston in 1775. These are the guns that […]

The Old Woolworth Building in Waltham, MA is now a Sleepy’s

The Old Woolworth store on Moody Street in Waltham, MA The old Woolworth building is now a Sleepy's and Family Dollar store. Taken in August 2013 When you walk up Moody Street one building may feel familiar but you don't know why. There's an old Woolworth building with their classic red sign still in place.  The […]

Forest Grove Park in Waltham – A Nice (Short) Walk Along the Charles River

Forest Grove Reservation in Waltham (Google Map link) is a state run park a few minutes from where I am living and I head over there a few times a week for a short walk. Its a small area along the Charles River with a few short trails, some wildlife (ducks, geese, swans, herons, turtles, beavers…), […]

The Boston Bruins Theme Song From the 1970’s: “The Nutty”

Anyone who was a Bruins fan in the 1970's remembers the catchy theme that Channel 38 played before each game. Here's the a bit of the history of it from Wikipedia: When Boston television station WSBK-TV began broadcasting Bruins games in 1967, the producers of the games wanted a suitable piece of music to air […]

How Did They Become Known as the Red Sox?

Mental Floss explains how each Major League Baseball team got there name. Here's the Red Sox story: The team that became known as the Red Sox began play "“ wearing dark blue socks, no less "“ as a charter member of the American League in 1901. With no official nickname, the team was referred to […]