Boston Then and Now: Copley Square

I've come across quite a few old pictures of Boston in areas where I've taken some pictures. Here's a look at Copley Square in the past compare to how it is now.  THEN: The back of Trinity Church- 1877 – From Boston Public Library NOW: June 2014 The building looks remarkably the same. The biggest changes […]

Pictures: Fenway Park at Night

  I got some pictures the other night of Fenway Park during a game from the Prudential Center Skywalk. Here's a few of them with links to larger versions so you can see more detail.  

Boston Then and Now: The Boston Public Library

This is the first in a series of posts looking at different areas or places in Boston and how they looked in the past to what they look like today. For the past pictures I am using different archives (BPL, Boston City Archive, etc), and for the new versions I am visiting these places and […]

The Boston Musuem of Fine Arts Colorfully Lit Up at Night

The Boston MFA is having some colorful light show this week to highlight their new colorful quilts exhibit. It is pretty cool. Here's a few pictures of the front entrance which is lit up, and a couple of the back with the Indian Hunter and Pronghorn Antelope statutes. Click the picture for larger versions.   […]

Google+’s Autoawesome Adds Some Effects to Your Holiday Pictures

Google+ keeps adding features to its AutoAwesome functionality that "Enhances" your photos in different ways. The new feature is "Twinkle" which soups up your holiday light pictures. Below are a few examples. I am going to add more as I take pictures over the next week or so.  Here is the original picture of the […]

Picture of the Day Project with My Canon T5i 700D and Sony RX100M2

Back at the beginning of the Summer I decided I wanted to learn more about photography. I sold almost all of my old camera equipment on eBay and upgraded my DSLR to the new Canon Digital Rebel T5i 700D and my point and shoot to the new Sony RX100M2 (RX-100 ii). My goal was to learn how […]

A Blue Heron Catching a Fish at the Watertown Dam

The Watertown Dam is a few minutes from my house and is one of the places I go on short walks. There's often a Blue Heron and/or some Black-Capped Night Herons around there. I caught this Heron catching a fish. The exposure isn't great because I was shooting into the sun a bit, but they […]

Picture: The Full Blue Moon on August 20, 2013

The Full Blue Moon on August 21, 2013 with a satellite passing in front of it. (Larger view)  I've been playing with night photography a bit and took this picture of the full Blue Moon last night. In the left hand side of the bottom third of the moon you can see a small black […]

Photo of the Day Project with New Sony RX100M2 Camera

The first picture of the project: Boston at sunset. NOTE: This ended on September 3, 2013. A new project was started which included some of these pictures and pictures from other cameras also. It is here: .     I got a new point and shoot camera, a Sony RX100M2  (also known as the Sony Cyber-shot […]

Photography Tips: Shooting Cityscapes at Night

St. Paul's cathedral in London at night from across the Thames​ Aperture From ApogeePhoto: For highest image quality, use medium to small apertures (large f-stop numbers like f/8 to f/11 or higher) to achieve sufficient depth of field.  Note: Large f-stop settings tend to create beautiful star effects on street or building lights while large […]