Everytime You Pick Up A Shuffled Deck of Cards, The Order Is Likely Unique In History

TED has a video explaining the statistics behind the order of a deck of cards and how each one is so unique, that it is likely never happened before. Image from Lucille Pine on Flickr

Recommended Stuff Spring 2014 Edition: Weather, Video Streaming, Cheap Books, Boston Booze…

Here's a few items that I seem to be telling people about quite a bit lately. You may want to check them out. Weather Underground – A Weather App That Doesn't Suck  It seems like as each of the main weather apps we all use on our phones (The Weather Channel, Accuweahter, Yahoo! Weather) have been […]

This is a Very Cold Winter in Boston… What’s With Global Warming?

The Yale Climate explains that while it is cold in the Midwest and Northeast U.S., North America is actually one degree warmer for this period on average this year. One year's data doesn't really mean anything in terms of the climate, but it does point out how dumb it is to say things like "If […]

“Chasing Ice”: A Spectacular Look at Glacier and Climate Change

I watched "Chasing Ice" last week and the scenery of Arctic and other areas is spectacular. Its a must see just for that. But it also tells the story of what is happenig on those areas which is also very interesting. Here's a description of the film from  IMDB: 'National Geographic' photographer James Balog was […]

A Very Cool Infographic on Cheetahs

A great example of how to present information in an interesting way.  Click for a larger view Infographic designed by Jacob O'Neal

Picture: The Full Blue Moon on August 20, 2013

The Full Blue Moon on August 21, 2013 with a satellite passing in front of it. (Larger view)  I've been playing with night photography a bit and took this picture of the full Blue Moon last night. In the left hand side of the bottom third of the moon you can see a small black […]

New 2011 Japanese Tsunami Video Shows River Wipe Out Town

This a fairly new video of the tsunami that hit Japan in 2011. It shows an incredible amount of water hitting the town through a rising river. Very scary. 

This Painted Turtle Has Crazy Eyes

I came across this turtle digging a hole the other day and took some pictures. It wasn't until I got home that I could see how crazy its eyes were. One is stripped, the other crossed.  This is an Painted Turtle. There are a fed different species of the Painted Turtle in North America. This one […]

Video: The Amazing Aurora Borealis on Display in the Scandanavian Artic

It is always amazing to see different pictures and videos of the Aurora Borealis. And the video below is great.    The Aurora Borealis I can never remember what cause the light show. Here's a reminder of what it is from How Stuff Works: The auroras, both surrounding the north magnetic pole (aurora borealis) and south […]

Amazing Video of a Supercell Storm Forming in Texas

This is an amazing video from from Mike Obilinski of a supercell storm forming in Booker, Texas.  The Vimeo page has the details on how he got this fantastic shot. You can buy prints of this storm here.  A supercell near Booker, Texas from Mike Olbinski on Vimeo.