This is a Very Cold Winter in Boston… What’s With Global Warming?

The Yale Climate explains that while it is cold in the Midwest and Northeast U.S., North America is actually one degree warmer for this period on average this year. One year's data doesn't really mean anything in terms of the climate, but it does point out how dumb it is to say things like "If […]

“Chasing Ice”: A Spectacular Look at Glacier and Climate Change

I watched "Chasing Ice" last week and the scenery of Arctic and other areas is spectacular. Its a must see just for that. But it also tells the story of what is happenig on those areas which is also very interesting. Here's a description of the film from  IMDB: 'National Geographic' photographer James Balog was […]

The “Black Blizzards” of the 1930’s Dust Bowl

A Texas dust storm in 1935   I was watching Ken Burns' PBS special "The Dust Bowl" and saw some pictures of these amazing storms rolling acorss the plains. The documentary was a bit dry, but full of interesting, and scary, stories about who the Dust Bowl came to be and how devastating it was. […]

“Frozen Planet” – BBC Documentary Coming Soon on DVD

From the makers of the fantastic "Planet Earth" comes this 7 part series on the Arctic and Antarctic wilderness. It is on the BBC and Discovery channel in March/April 2012, then coming to DVD very soon after that. Here's the description from Amazon: From the Emmy-winning team behind Planet Earth and The Blue Planet comes […]