A Very Cool Infographic on Cheetahs

A great example of how to present information in an interesting way.  Click for a larger view Infographic designed by Jacob O'Neal

This Painted Turtle Has Crazy Eyes

I came across this turtle digging a hole the other day and took some pictures. It wasn't until I got home that I could see how crazy its eyes were. One is stripped, the other crossed.  This is an Painted Turtle. There are a fed different species of the Painted Turtle in North America. This one […]

“Frozen Planet” – BBC Documentary Coming Soon on DVD

From the makers of the fantastic "Planet Earth" comes this 7 part series on the Arctic and Antarctic wilderness. It is on the BBC and Discovery channel in March/April 2012, then coming to DVD very soon after that. Here's the description from Amazon: From the Emmy-winning team behind Planet Earth and The Blue Planet comes […]