Ray Hudson with the Imperious Description of Messi’s Classico Winner

Ray Hudson is the best color commentator in the business. This call on Messi's winner in El Classico is Hall of Fame worthy. Some background on the goal. Real Madrid would have a very strong hold on the La Liga title unless Barca wins the game. Real Madrid tied the game 2-2 in the 87th minute and […]

Muhammad Ali’s “Black Superman” Song

Ali and The Beatles in 1964 (from WikiCommons) This song just pops in my head from time to time. It was released in 1975 and it never left my brain. Its catchy in some way. He was a magnetic personality and probably the greatest sports figure of all time. RIP champ! Here's a famous Ali […]

Every One of Lionel Messi’s First 400 Goals For Barcelona

This video has every one of Lionel Messi's first 400 goals with Barcelona. When you watch them all back to back like this you see how smart he plays. Many of his goals are not blasts, but getting in a position where he gets just enough of angle open, and he hits it quite a […]

Carlos Pena with an MLB Video Explaining “Effective Velocity” and Hitting

This is an MLB produced video from Carlos Pena explaining the mechanics behind "Effective Velocity" and how gifted hitters who can "hunt" pitchers have a big advantage. He uses David Ortiz as an example of a great hunter. Your browser does not support iframes.

Sideline Video of the Malcolm Butler’s Superbowl Interception

This is great view of the Malcolm Butler interception. You can see him read the play and crash the reciever. You also get to see the Patriots celebration.  Brady's reaction is great too. I was doing the same thing. Ignore the goat part. And here's a good luck at fans' reactions from both sides during plays […]

When Tom Brady Hosted Saturday Night Live – Singing, Dancing, Underwear, and Turbins

After the Patriots had won their 3rd Superbowl in 4 years, Tom Brady hosted Saturday Night live in 2005. Here's a couple of clips. This is his opening monolouge where he says he can "kill a horse with his bare hands" which is a not so subtle hit at the Colts.  This PSA on sexual […]

Infamous NFL penalty: “He’s giving him the business down there.”

Great description of the penalty for this roughing the passer call.

The 1976 “Red Sox Song” by John Lincoln Wright

Every once in a while I find myself singing this song for no reason. I guess it just stuck in my head from my youth. So… this is why we have an interenet. I did some searching and found the recording on YouTube below. Here's some background on the song from Wikipedia: The Red Sox Song […]

Who Should Red Sox Fans Follow on Twitter?

I've had a few conversations with folks over the last few weeks where to get the best Red Sox info. Here's a quick summary of some of the best folks to follow for Red Sox fans. Its not EVERYONE…. for that list would be very long. But if you follow these accounts, you'll have a […]

NCAA POOL: 2014 Edition

Welcome to our 28th annual NCAA Pool!   This year's NCAA Pool will be run on Yahoo.   NOTE: You will have to create a Yahoo! ID if you don't already have one. Sorry.    Here's the information to join: Register for the pool here. The password is redsox if you are asked for it.  […]