Sideline Video of the Malcolm Butler’s Superbowl Interception

This is great view of the Malcolm Butler interception. You can see him read the play and crash the reciever. You also get to see the Patriots celebration.  Brady's reaction is great too. I was doing the same thing. Ignore the goat part. And here's a good luck at fans' reactions from both sides during plays […]

When Tom Brady Hosted Saturday Night Live – Singing, Dancing, Underwear, and Turbins

After the Patriots had won their 3rd Superbowl in 4 years, Tom Brady hosted Saturday Night live in 2005. Here's a couple of clips. This is his opening monolouge where he says he can "kill a horse with his bare hands" which is a not so subtle hit at the Colts.  This PSA on sexual […]

Infamous NFL penalty: “He’s giving him the business down there.”

Great description of the penalty for this roughing the passer call.

NFL Analysis: How To Defend the Read Option

Greg Bedard with another great analysis piece, this time for Peter King's new MMQB site, that looks at what defenses can do against the QB's (Robert Griffin, Colin Kapernick, Russell Wilson ) that run the read option. Here's a couple of snippets from the article and Stanford Defensive Coordinator Derek Mason white boarding up the […]

My 2 Favorite Adam Vinatieri Plays: The Snow Kick and Catching Herschel Walker

Adam Vinatieri has had a great career including winning 4 Superbowls. The 2 most amazing plays I saw him make were the kick in the snow against the Raiders in 2002 and chasing down Herschel Walker from behind on a kick off.  I never thought he was going to make that kick. The snow and […]

Early Las Vegas Lines: New England Patriots Favored to Win Every Game Next Season

The Patriots have put together a great offseason building alot of depth across their defense, and at WR and RB. On paper, this team looks as complete a Patriots squad as we've seen under Belichick with the possible exception of the 2007 team. That team was alot older than this team though. This team is […]

The Patriots Have Some Cap Space To Go Big

After franchising Wes Welker, the Patriots have $16.2 million in cap space. They will have to use some of that money to sign the likes of Andre Carter, Dan Koppen/Dan Connolly, Mark Anderson, and a few other folks like Matthew Slater. They don't have tons of room, but there is a chance they can take  a shot a […]

Sunday NFL Notes – Here Comes Free Agency

A few links from around the web a couple days before free agency starts: Pete Prisco lists the top 30 free agents. #2 is Mario Williams:"How would you like to be his agent? He is going to be the highest-paid defensive player in the NFL. End of story." The Herald on some of the Pats […]