Study: Why You Post Things On Facebook You Will Later Regret

This study is great. Here's the outline and conclusion: We investigate regrets associated with users’ posts on a popular social networking site. Our findings are based on a series of interviews, user diaries, and online surveys involving 569 American Facebook users. Their regrets revolved around sensitive topics, content with strong sentiment, lies, and secrets. Our research reveals several […]

5 Observations On the Growing Power of Facebook in Google’s Search Algorithm

SearchMetrics recently released their research on influencing factors for Google's search algorithm and we are seeing the continuation of the recent trend where social media, especially Facebook, is becoming a bigger factor. For many years Search Engine Optimization (SEO – improving how your site shows up in Google's searc)) was mostly about 2 factors: Make […]

Zite: The Best Tool for Finding the Content You Want to Read

I started using the iPad app Zite a few months ago and liked it. It was the only iPad "news" app that I found useful at all after trying a whole bunch of alternatives including Pulse,, and Flipboard.  In the last few weeks I have started using Zite every day. I prefer it now […]