Carlos Pena with an MLB Video Explaining “Effective Velocity” and Hitting

This is an MLB produced video from Carlos Pena explaining the mechanics behind "Effective Velocity" and how gifted hitters who can "hunt" pitchers have a big advantage. He uses David Ortiz as an example of a great hunter. Your browser does not support iframes.

The 1976 “Red Sox Song” by John Lincoln Wright

Every once in a while I find myself singing this song for no reason. I guess it just stuck in my head from my youth. So… this is why we have an interenet. I did some searching and found the recording on YouTube below. Here's some background on the song from Wikipedia: The Red Sox Song […]

Who Should Red Sox Fans Follow on Twitter?

I've had a few conversations with folks over the last few weeks where to get the best Red Sox info. Here's a quick summary of some of the best folks to follow for Red Sox fans. Its not EVERYONE…. for that list would be very long. But if you follow these accounts, you'll have a […]

EPSN Ranks Red Sox #1in MLB For Sustained Success the Next 5 Years

ESPN routinely goes through a process where they "rank all 30 teams across five different categories (see table) in an attempt to measure how well each team is set up for sustained success over the next five years." They released their latest list yesterday and the Red Sox are ranked number 1, Cardinals number 2.  […]

The 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing and World Series Sports Illustrated Covers

The April Sports Illustrated cover a few days after the Boston Marathon bombing   The 3 police officers on the Fenway field with Papi

Video: Each of the Red Sox Biggest Hits on their World Series Run

This Red Sox postseason had some of the most memorable hits I've ever seen. It was often from guys that had done nothing up that point. Here's videos capturing those moments.  ALCS – Game 2 – Papi's 8th Inning Grand Slam To Tie the Game This is the biggest hit I've ever seen that wasn't […]

A Picture of Fenway Park in July 2003: Lots Has Changed

I came across this panoramic picture of Fenway in July 2003. The Green Monster was very different 10 years ago! Especially the left field wall area and the right field roof.  Click the picture to get a larger view.

The MLB App Has Changed the Way I Watch Baseball

This season I find myself having iPad the MLB app open most of the time when I'm watching the Red Sox. It has become an addon to the experience of watching baseball that I find very helpful. Here's what I use it for: Pitch counts – always available. Only available part time on TV Strike zone tracking […]

One Reason the Red Sox Will Be Dealing at the Trade Deadline

As the Red Sox enter July, they are surprisingly in first place in their division, and have the best record in the American League. Another positive surprise is the the shape their farm system is in. At the beginning of the season the perception was that it was in good to average shape. Now, it […]

Did Jonny Gomes Start a New Red Sox Walkoff Tradition With His Helmet Punt?

Johnny Gomes Walkoff Helmet Punt Celebration Johnny Gomes hit a 2 run home run in the bottom of the 9th inning last night to give the Red Sox a 3-1 win over the Rays. Most Red Sox walkoff celebrations include pounding the guy who got the winning run on the head and then trying to […]