Why I Ditched My Beloved iPad Mini for the Nexus 7 2

I have written previously on how much I loved the iPad Mini, so it came as a great surprise to me how quickly I ditched the Mini once I got the new Nexus 7 2 as a gift. It wasn't a conscious ditching. I just started using the Nexus and pretty soon I'd go to […]

The MLB App Has Changed the Way I Watch Baseball

This season I find myself having iPad the MLB app open most of the time when I'm watching the Red Sox. It has become an addon to the experience of watching baseball that I find very helpful. Here's what I use it for: Pitch counts – always available. Only available part time on TV Strike zone tracking […]

Choosing Between the iPad Mini and the iPad Retina? Here’s the Big Differences I’ve Found

I've been using both an iPad Mini and an iPad Retina for a few months and I find them both useful in certain cases. Here's a breakdown at what I like about both and which one I'd buy if I could only have one. Good Things About the iPad Mini Here's some good thigns about the […]

The 3 Best Gadgets I Use Today: Kindle Paperwhite, iPad Mini, and Slingbox

I use lots of gadgets. Some are specific to a certain use, some are all around great, and some just make me feel good when I use them. Here's the gadgets that I love using today.  Kindle Paperwhite – Light to Hold and Easy to Use Every time I pick up my paperwhite it makes […]

A Must Have iPad Accessory: The iProp Stand

I got this stand a few months ago and I just about never use my iPad Retina without it now. Its greatly exapnded usage of the iPad as I am able to sure it in many different circumstances. And the iPad Retina is so heavy, you really do need a stand if you plan to use […]

iPad: Retina Displays Are Underrated

The announcement of the features for the new version of the iPad were not filled with the joyous delight that many other Apple announcments have been met with. I thought the addition of the Retina display was a huge step forward for the device. When I got my iPhone 4 I was really surprised how […]

The iPad apps I’m starting to use

After many months of barley using the ipad, I have recently started finding some uses for it. Such as: Using my main Social Media tool Hootsuite on it. Especially during sporting events. Reading magazines. Right now I get National Geographic and Entertainment Weekly. Nat Geo has some great functionality built it like an RSS feed […]