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Game of Thrones: Questions Abound After “The Lion and the Rose” Episode (S4 Ep2) [SPOILERS]

  After another wedding ends in death of a king (and who isn't thrilled that the most despicable Joffrey is dead), there are many questions going through my head on what is next. From Tyrion to Joffrey in season 3: "We've had vicious kings and we've had idiot kings, but l don't know if we've ever been […]
Boston MFA at night

The Boston Musuem of Fine Arts Colorfully Lit Up at Night

The Boston MFA is having some colorful light show this week to highlight their new colorful quilts exhibit. It is pretty cool. Here's a few pictures of the front entrance which is lit up, and a couple of the back with the Indian Hunter and Pronghorn Antelope statutes. Click the picture for larger versions.   […]
Deck of cards

Everytime You Pick Up A Shuffled Deck of Cards, The Order Is Likely Unique In History

TED has a video explaining the statistics behind the order of a deck of cards and how each one is so unique, that it is likely never happened before. Image from Lucille Pine on Flickr

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                                          Kindle library

                                          The 7 Best Ways to Get Free and Cheap Kindle Books

                                          I read quite a bit nowadays and about a year ago I realized it was becoming an expensive habit and  I started looking into the ways I could cut down on the overall cost of acquiring the books I wanted to read. Below are the 7 best ways I've found to find cheap and free books […]

                                          iPad Mini vs. the Nexus 7 2

                                          Why I Ditched My Beloved iPad Mini for the Nexus 7 2

                                          I have written previously on how much I loved the iPad Mini, so it came as a great surprise to me how quickly I ditched the Mini once I got the new Nexus 7 2 as a gift. It wasn't a conscious ditching. I just started using the Nexus and pretty soon I'd go to […]


                                          The 3 Best Gadgets I Use Today: Kindle Paperwhite, iPad Mini, and Slingbox

                                          I use lots of gadgets. Some are specific to a certain use, some are all around great, and some just make me feel good when I use them. Here's the gadgets that I love using today.  Kindle Paperwhite – Light to Hold and Easy to Use Every time I pick up my paperwhite it makes […]

                                          Paul Revere's Bill For Messenger Service

                                          How Much did Paul Revere Charge for His Infamous Midnight Ride? Here’s The Bill He Submitted

                                          Paul Revere made his historic ride to warn the countryside that the British Regulars were coming on April 18, 1775.  Revere had a big family (8 kids) and was an astute businessman who had an engraving business, was a silversmith, a printer, and had several other enterprises. So when he had to take time off […]

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                                                                            Freedom Trail - Granary Burying Grounds, Boston, MA

                                                                            Boston’s Granary Burying Grounds: The Final Resting Place of Hancock, Revere and… Mother Goose?

                                                                            Wikipedia outlines a bit of the history of the grounds: The Burying Ground was the third cemetery established in the city of Boston and dates to the year 1660. The need for the site arose because the land set aside for the city's first cemetery, King's Chapel Burying Ground located a block east was insufficient […]


                                                                            Henry Knox’s Famous 1775 Cannon Trek to Boston Went Through Waltham

                                                                            I saw a couple of markers when driving through Waltham a few days ago and decided to walk over there today when I stopped at Walgreens. It ends up that this marker is part of series of markers that follow Henry Knox's trail from Fort Ticonderoga to Boston in 1775. These are the guns that […]

                                                                            More History Posts