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The Night 20,000 Nazis Held a Rally at Madison Square Garden in 1939

Below is a 6:00 clip showing what 20,000 Nazis look like at a rally at Madison Square Garden celebrating American. It is very scary. Here's a quote about the film from the Director, Marshall Curry: The footage is so powerful, it seems amazing that it isn't a stock part of every high school history class. […]

What I Leanred From Rewatching the First 6 Seasons of Game of Thrones

I rewatched season 1 through 6 over a six month period and enjoyed it more than I thought I would. The depth of detail, especially in the early seasons was much more than I remembered and I was able to understand more about the show by seeing things again that I had forgotten about.  A Few […]

Ray Hudson with the Imperious Description of Messi’s Classico Winner

Ray Hudson is the best color commentator in the business. This call on Messi's winner in El Classico is Hall of Fame worthy. Some background on the goal. Real Madrid would have a very strong hold on the La Liga title unless Barca wins the game. Real Madrid tied the game 2-2 in the 87th minute and […]

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                                  Classic 1980’s Music Videos, Part 1: So Much Fun

                                  David Bowie and Mick Jagger in "Dancing in the Streets" I came across a couple of 1980's music videos on YouTube and realized there's a gold mine out there of stuff that is great to see again. And much of it is a ton of fun!  So… I've started collecting them and will do a few […]

                                  The Top 40 Disaster Movies of All Time With Grades and Rank

                                  Mt. Vesuvius erupting in "Pompeii" 2015 was a good year for disaster movies and after seeing a bunch of "Best Disaster" movie lists I decided to create my own. Shortly after starting the list I realized I needed to make some rules to clarify which movies qualified as disaster movies and come up with a grading system to sort […]

                                  The 7 Best Ways to Get Free and Cheap Kindle Books

                                  I read quite a bit nowadays and about a year ago I realized it was becoming an expensive habit and  I started looking into the ways I could cut down on the overall cost of acquiring the books I wanted to read. Below are the 7 best ways I've found to find cheap and free books […]

                                  How Much did Paul Revere Charge for His Infamous Midnight Ride? Here’s The Bill He Submitted

                                  Paul Revere made his historic ride to warn the countryside that the British Regulars were coming on April 18, 1775.  Revere had a big family (8 kids) and was an astute businessman who had an engraving business, was a silversmith, a printer, and had several other enterprises. So when he had to take time off […]

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                                  Recommended Stuff Summer 2014 Edition: A TV Mystery, Hunger Games-like thriller, superhealthy tasty drinks

                                  Here's a few items that I seem to be telling people about quite a bit lately. You may want to check them out. The Magic Bullet – Tasty, Healthy Drinks! I had a juicer for many years and barely used it because it was so difficult to prepare the food and to clean. A NutriBullet creates […]

                                  Boston Then and Now: The Boston Public Library

                                  This is the first in a series of posts looking at different areas or places in Boston and how they looked in the past to what they look like today. For the past pictures I am using different archives (BPL, Boston City Archive, etc), and for the new versions I am visiting these places and […]

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